Looking back on 20 years of Training

I remember being excited over the passing of the Human Resource Development Act in 1992, and its implementation in 1993.  Yes, it is 20 years since I became a full time Consultant-Trainer!

At first people were so excited about being given information which would help them to do their jobs better, as previously only senior staff received that opportunity and were expected to pass on what they learnt at seminars and conferences.  At this stage it was all about gaining awareness (Stage 1 of Learning – Not knowing that you don’t know certain information till now).

When I offered free consultation clinics as part of a training package, it was to help the participants get answers to questions which arose when they applied their knowledge.  For most of the time, no one attended the clinics because they could not be released from their jobs.  That meant that their knowledge stayed at Stage 2 of Learning – Knowing that you don’t know how to apply the information, and getting to stage 3 of knowing the how-to’s, by trial and error and self-learning.

For several reasons, this remains how training is implemented, and I often get complaints from participants that they don’t have good opportunities to practice what they learn.