Get paid for your work

A year ago a highly reputable organization asked me to help craft a proposal for a project they were bidding for.  They said it required input from my knowledge of using mobile devices to improve communications throughout a vast and sprawling entity.  They wanted it in a hurry but I had other commitments at the time and declined.  But they said it was very important to them, and they were sure of securing the project but needed only to submit an action plan outlining the various facets, and they would involve me in the implementation as one of the Consultant-Trainers.  I agreed, and sought other expertise too, so that the deadline would be met.

I heard nothing from the organization afterwards and chalked it up to experience.  You’ve been there too haven’t you?

A week ago they approached me again, saying that a project they wanted to bid for required expertise within my domain of experience and they had no other resources on the subject.  I agreed to prepare the outline for them by the deadline, on condition that they pay for it.  “We’ll get back to you”.

It is not uncommon for large organizations to exploit their human resources to build huge cash reserves in the name of ‘successful business’ and healthy balance sheets, but only when we the resources stop co-operating will we move towards a value-based environment which prizes quality goods and services over low cost, high -profit.

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