Employer Branding that works

A friend who works with SME’s said they commonly have a huge problem with keeping their staff and getting productivity to where it should be.  This problem was threatening their sustainability.  She invited me to conduct a mini workshop on Employer Branding, which I did.

All the participants were either business owners or decision-makers who genuinely wanted to keep their staff. We thoroughly went through what they wanted from their staff and what staff wanted from them, and how to combine those factors into a system for recruitment and performance management.  Yes, it was a re-orientation process for them to think differently about ways to engage their staff, and I hope that they managed to at least get started on doing things more productively. (Ask me if you’d like details about the how-to’s).

Today, it was extremely gratifying to hear how Panasonic has managed to lower their rates of attrition and absenteeism, by using those very same methods I had shared with that other group some months ago.  Their facts and figures are very impressive indeed!  They focus on being globally competitive and profitable at the same time.  And what’s more, they actually have the active support of their workers union because of their win-win strategies.  I love that they shut down on the first day of school to allow employees that time with their families, and make up for the production on another day – and the employees love it too!

What they have achieved is proof that transparency, accountability, shared values/profits all make up for excellent Employer Branding that is profitable too.

An overview of my introduction to a workshop in Employer Branding

An overview of my introduction to a workshop in Employer Branding